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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Celebrate This Christmas & New Year as A King in Khimsar

Want to be pampered as a King!!! Come to visit Khimsar – Khimsar Fort & Khimsar Sand Dunes Village. This Unique 16th centaury Khimsar Fort is decorated at the edge of  “Great Thar Desert” attempting adventure at nearby Khimsar sand dunes Village. A typical architecture of  Khimsar fort and the heritage property of Khimsar Sand Dunes of  Stone carved exteriors, windows and arches provide a perfect ambience. Khimsar Fort is awarded by the ‘GRAND HERITAGE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE’

Monday, November 8, 2010


Want to vanish somewhere close by in the coming weekend .Get a relief from the daily hustle bustle of the hectic city.”Rajasthan”, the land of Kings, stressbusters for corporates, starting point of many travel itinerary, delightful places for delhiites. The state so vast and rich in art and culture, magnificent monuments, equisite views, historic cities, which has preserved their charming character through the centuries .Rajasthan spreds over 342,239sq k.m and its 33 districts. This majestic city is the house of art. A delight for all kinds of trendy visitors with its sandy dunes, mighty forts, lush blossoming gardens, shimmering lakes and outstanding monuments.The marble palaces,beautiful gardens and the placid blue lakes enhance the beauty of this state .The most romantic state from centuries “Rajasthan” makes you feel the royal love of kings .Rajasthan has royal feel that will take you to the romantic era of kings and queens .Explore the elegance of palaces ”Khimsar Fort” , sand dunes villages and make love here.

           The Khimsar Fort Palace hotel located in the Khimsar village is one of the popular palace hotels,located near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, North India. Rajasthan Palace Tours welcomes you to draw closer and stay at the pastoral as well as ceremonial Khimsar Fort Palace hotel and be captivated by the chic of the Rajput warrior. The erection of this palace hotel began in the year 1528 A.D.

                      Khimsar Fort Palace has 50 tastefully furnished airconditioned rooms. These contemporary amenities inconspicuously blend into the traditional and royal ambience at this palace hotel in Khimsar, Rajasthan, North India. These contemporary amenities inconspicuously blend into the traditional and royal ambience at this palace hotel in Khimsar, Rajasthan, North India .Facilities provided here-

1) World ClassLuxury Rooms
2) Swimming Pool
3) Fitness Club
4) Royal Ambience
5) Multi Cuisine Restaurant
6) Doctor on Call
7) Spa
8) Tennis Court
9) Conference and Banquet Facility
10) Free Laundry
The large and eye-catching swimming pool and a very well-equipped fitness center go towards creating a perfect heritage holiday experience that you will cherish for a long time.

Khimsar sand dune village is an excellent place to visit. Khimsar sand dune village is a Heritage Hotel. Khimsar sand dunes village is surrounded by artificial sand dunes. The sun rise and sun sets of Khimsar sand dunes are remarkable. We can do camel riding in sand dunes village. The rooms are like huts from outside with all the comforts inside. Beautiful and spacious rooms.and many more amenities are there in sand dunes villages”Khimsar”.Sand dunes villages”Khimsar” has a small artificial pond with swans in it. The dinner near the camp fire is also great. Ask for a thing and it is served to you within minutes is the main lure in Khimsar sand dune village. You can see thousands of stars at night while lying near the pool of Khimsar sand dune village in the quite and calm night. The surrounding are really breathtaking in Khimsar village.
You draw attention for any room service with a nice old fashioned bell outside the room and the attendants are at your door. Desert coolers compensate for lack of AC and even otherwise you would not need it if you are visiting anytime between Sep-March.Camel Safari is the main attraction for trendy travelers.
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Five Reasons to Stopover Rajasthan

ajasthan is one of the most charming & captivating states of India known for its forts, palaces, temples, culture, tradition, history, fairs & festivals, wildlife, nature, sand dunes, heritage hotels, and historical cities. It is a globally famous tourist destination in India where tourists can savor a lot. It is a destination where vacationers can retire completely at cozy beds in heritage hotels. It is a destination where adventure enthusiasts relish camel safari trip to rippling sand dunes and indulge in wildlife expedition. It is the destination where tourists can explore some of excellent art & architectures of India. In fact, it is a word visit travel and holiday destination in the country.

1) Land -Rajasthan is the largest state in the Indian Union. Geographically, the land of Rajasthan is more varied than any other region. It is a region of lofty rocks, rolling sand dunes, of burning heat and freezing cold, of fertile plains and deep wild glens and jungles. The Aravalli range, which is the oldest folded range in the world, divides the area into two natural divisions-North-West and South-East. Rajasthan, the extreme western province of India, is an enigmatic land of extreme beauty.

2) Culture And Tradition-    The Aravalli hills not only form a natural watershed in the province, but also mark an interesting transition and subtle changes in culture and dialects. The people of the state are gracious hosts and hospitality is deeply ingrained in local customs.

The song, dance, attire, jewelery and language reflect the richness of culture and a deep sense of aesthetics of the people of this region. The strong penchant for design is aptly reflected in the Architecture and craft and is visible in the historic to present buildings. One can see the traditional attire and jewelery far more readily in the villages than in the cities. Dazzling variations of style and colour are visible in the people's attire.

Rajasthan is land of festivals. While some festivals are religious in nature, others mark change of season. Lot of fanfare can be seen in the streets in the festive seasons. In many of these celebrations one can get to experience captivating song and dance.

3) Royal Cuisine- Cuisine of Rajasthan is an important aspect of Rajasthan Tourism. The cuisine is known for its taste and variety. The famous cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner offer their own specialty dishes to pamper the taste buds of tourists. From the vegetarian gastronomic delights to the lip smacking non-vegetarian dishes, Rajasthan Cuisineoffers a lot.

Feast on many gastronomic delights to your heart's content and round off your hearty meals with mouth-watering sweet dishes. The culinary delights of Rajasthan are greatly influenced by the Rajputs and Mughals who ruled here for ages. Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes are served here. Dal bati churma is the most famous vegetarian dish of the state. Do try tasty vegetarian dishes such as Kair Sangri, govind gatta, papad ki sabzi, alu mangori and alu samosa. The famous Non-Vegetarian dishes are Lal Maans (Red Meat) and Safed Maans (White Meat) prepared with almonds, cashew nuts and coconut. 

4) Heritage Forts and Palaces-There are many magnificent forts and elegant palaces in the state which are widely acclaimed by tourists and travelers. Tourists from all over the world visit this state especially to explore its magnificent monuments in the forms of forts, palaces, temples and havelis. Almost entire part of the state is dotted with some of architecturally beautiful monuments. The magnificent forts & palaces of the state narrate the legacy of royal kingdom and depict the excellent specimen of fine art & architecture. Perhaps, forts and palaces are among key factors why people prefer for tours and travels in Rajasthan, India. Khimsar Fort is the best heritage hotel of Rajasthan.Travel frequers look no further than Khimsar heritage Hotel for its World class ambience and amenities .Frequent Travellers choose Khimsar Palace to make Rajasthan visit memorable to cherish forever.

5) Sand Dunes Villages -

The Desert National Park has been established in the Great Thar Desert, 42km from Jaisalmer. One of the most popular excursions is to the sand dunes on the edge of the park. This is Jaisalmer’s Sahara-like desert, with huge, silky, undulating folds of sand. It’s best to be here at sunrise or sunset, and many camel safaris spend a night here, but it’s still possible to frame pictures of solitary camels against lonely dunes.Sand dunes villages are the speciality of “Kings of Land” Rakasthan. Sand Dunes villages are the preeminent place to stopover Rajasthan.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Khimsar Fort | Khimsar Fort Hotel | Khimsar Fort Rajasthan | Khimsar Sand Dunes | rajasthan travel destinations

khimsar resort- beautiful heritage hotel khimsar rajasthan india- wonderful rajasthan sand dunes-must visit rajasthan travel destinations of india

Fun with family in rajasthan india at khimsar hotel ( khimsar hotel or khimsar resort is renovated khimsar fort or khimsar palace in the state of rajasthan india-must visit rajasthan travel destinations of india

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Khimsar Fort Hotel – Truly Regal Travel Experience – Rajasthan Travel and Tourism

Khimsar Hotel
Khimsar Fort
Since generations, the overwhelming beauty of India is an unstoppable inspiration for many tourists. Among 28 states and 7 unions of Indian republic the one fantastic and historical state famous for its royal forts and palaces is "Rajasthan" proudly known as the "Land of kings". Rajasthan is famed for art and culture, exquisite views, historic cities, adventure sports, array of joyful fairs and festivals, beautiful national parks and sanctuaries, delectable cuisine, enchanting folk music and dance, to mention few of the world’s best of heritage sites are situated in this state of India, Rajasthan is that one land endowed with every that attraction which constructs the charisma that pulls hordes of travelers from across the globe. Rajasthan emanates a magical charm that has made this state a major foreign tourist attraction of India.
khimsar fort hotel
Ever wondered what it takes to feel royal and how? To find the answer one really needs to visit any of the palaces that Rajasthan “owns”, the two things in Rajasthan, to one side, the legendary palaces and majestic forts and to other the mystifying golden sand dunes, can be best discovered and felt in the khimsar . Khimsar  is a small desert town in the district of Nagaur Rajasthan and is a prime tourist attraction renowned for its famed “khimsar fort” and “khimsar sand dune village” , the “khimsar fort palace” is been converted into a heritage hotel (now called khimsar fort hotel) and is open for tourist and 6 km since there you have the savage beauty of desert the “sand dune village”, with the aura of its golden sand dunes and rolling landscape marked with marvelous forts and palaces, khimsar is the must visit and probably the first on the itinerary to Rajasthan (or even India) tour.

A brief History – In the 16th century, Khimsar fort was constructed by Rao Karamsiji (8th son of Rao Jodha, founder of Jodhpur). The construction of the fort began in 1523 AD. Almost 500 years thereafter, a section of the fort still remains the residence of the royal family of Khimsar.
Managed by ITC welcome Heritage Hotel group Khimsar Fort, Nagaur is renewed to archetypal heritage hotel loaded with all modern facilities. Khimsar heritage hotel is designed diligently for leisure that brings you together the regal experience and tranquility that touches your mind and soul and you will feel incomparable holiday stay in the heritage hotel at khimsar. The khimsar dune village is another place just 6 km from khimsar fort to spent few memorable moments of supreme comfort in the heart of the seven dunes of akla. There are sixteen huts at the khimsar sand dune village designed eco friendly and are loaded with all modern amenities like multi Cuisine Restaurant, Indoor recreation swimming pool Air conditioning and room services
khimsar sand dune village

Note: -Khimsar Fort now khimsar  hotel has also been awarded the topmost recognition for a heritage property by Tourism Department of India in the form of 'Grand Heritage Award for Excellence'.

Welcome at khimsar Fort Hotel-rajasthan

Receive a Royal Welcome as you walk through the lane of khimsar fort –Rajasthan being pioneer in culture so the local staff at the khimsar heritage hotel welcomes you in the absolute traditional way. Tourist is made experience like prince (and princess) as the staff is extremely well trained to treat the guests in a true grandiose way. At the very entrance of the hotel at khimsar you are welcomed with beautiful flowers, mesmerizing confluence of music and dance, Ghewar (tradional sweet) is presented to the guests , crackers and fireworks (often in the evening). Ghoomar dance performance by traditional performers at khimsar hotel is worth noticing.

Dining at khimsar:

khimsar resort
Dining at Khimsar is one that fooding experience one will ever forget .Rajasthani cuisine is famous for their spices. The native dishes in rajasthan are as diverse as the state itself. As you enter in the giant dining hall,of khimsar palace you are greeted with utmost hospitality. Men in colorful turbans and women in khagra choli give you a warm welcome .First they make your hands wash and serve you with tradional delicacies of Rajasthan. Here you can find a variety of cuisine like veg ,non veg , marwari ,thandai chutney,kair sangri .gatte ki sabzi,sohan halwa , mishri,ghewar .. The mouth watering moghal delicacies are ultimate in Khimsar. The khimsar you will definitely miss this taste throughout your life.

The best thing about khimsar (khimsar fort and khimsar sand dune village) and really important is that it is situated far from the city, so if you are with your family and want to spend quality time in isolation, then khimsar fort  would prove to be an ideal destiny to plan holiday.

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khimsar palace
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Motiontrip-Khimsar Palace hotel

Friday, October 22, 2010

Khimsar Fort Tour Package Detail | New splendor within old walls -Motion Trip Pvt Ltd

Accommodation | Khimsar Heritage Hotel -Khimsar - Rajasthan

Category Of Rooms     Single (Inr Rupees)    Double (Inr Rupees)

Standard Room           Rs.6500                         Rs.7500
Superior Room            Rs.9000                         Rs.8500
Preferred Room         Rs.11000                       Rs.11500
Luxury Huts                 Rs.10000                       Rs.10500
Breakfast                      Rs.500
Lunch                             Rs.750   
Dinner                            Rs.750   

* Extra Bed Rs. 1500/- Per Pax on EP plan

* Jeep Safari & Camel Safari Rs. 650/- + Tax per Pax

* All Applicable Taxes Will Be Charged Extra

 (5% L.T on Room)  From Apr.- Jul, &   8% L.T On Room From (Aug. To March) 

 And 14% on Food

valid from October 01,2011 to march 31, 2012

Winter Package-Khimsar Heritage Hotel -Khimsar - Rajasthan

Valid for Indian citizens and foreigners residing in India

1st October 2011 To 31st March, 2012

Category Of Rooms     (Inr Rupees)

Standard Room            Rs. 10000
Superior Room             Rs.11500
Preferred Room            Rs.13500
Luxury Huts                 Rs.13000


•    all packages are based on a short break of 2 night and 3 days

•    The packages price is inclusive of one double room with American breakfast and all currently applicable taxes, unless specified otherwise.

•    Free stay for two children below 5years of age on room only basis without extra bed

•    Extra bed @ Rs. 1200/-inclusive of breakfast and currently applicable taxes per night unless specified otherwise.

•    Late check out till 1600 hrs. packages extendable on pro-rata basis, ( Subject to availability of room)

•    These packages cannot be combined with any other offer.

•    These packages are valid for Indian citizens and foreigners residing in India.

•    The rates are subject to change without notice

•    Offer valid from October 01,2011 to march 31, 2012

Please call -+91 (0)11 25888866/67  or

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Khimsar Fort- The perfect way to feel royal in a modern way!


Khimsar fort is Located in the Nagaur district of the Rajasthan:

Address           :Khimsar Fort Po Khimsar ,Nagaur 

City/Zip Code 341025

Trip Adviser Contact No:  (Motion Trip Pvt Ltd) +91 (0)11 25888866/67     

Latitude and Longitude           27.20000076 | 27.20000076

Brief past of khimsar fort

The Khimsar Fort was constructed by Rao Karamsiji (8th son of Rao Jodha, founder of Jodhpur) established  in the 16th century, standing at the edge of Thar desert, between Jodhpur and Bikaner, Khimsar proudly  hosts classic Rajasthani history of war and romance.

The Stories are prevalent as to how in earlier days, Khimsar endeavored, though in vain, to free itself from the fiefdom of the Marwar empire and stabilize itself distinctly. These is another story that captivates the head of the people is that the, Aurangzeb, himself paid a visit to this small village on request of a Thakur. However, the authenticity of this claim is highly dubious.During the 18th century a ladies’ wing (Zenana) was added to the fort and further in 1940 Thakur Onkar Singh had a royal wing constructed.


The fort is now renewed into a heritage hotel and is still inhabited by the direct descendants of its founder, and that also the 20th one! Khimsar Fort has also been awarded the topmost recognition for a heritage property by Tourism Department of India in the form of 'Grand Heritage Award for Excellence'.

Khimsar Fort as a Heritage Hotel

Majority of Hotels in Khimsar are heritage hotels that have been palaces and forts converted into hotels and there are two main hotels namely “khimsar fort” and “khimsar sand dunes “The khimsar fort heritage hotel is managed by the Welcome Group of Hotels and they treat their guests like royalty offering a spectacular welcome to its guests with enthusiastic display of fireworks, that gives guests an inkling of the kind of lavish stay they will enjoy during their vacations.

Facilities on offer at khimsar hotel

·          Running hot and cold water
·          Direct dial phone
·          Fridge
·          Satellite TV
·          Room Service
·          Laundry
·          Car Parking
·          Doctor on call
·          Mini bar
·          Car rental
·          Sightseeing

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